Choosing a Guardian for Your Minor Children

Step 2 – Communicating with your intended guardian

In choosing a Guardian for your Children, it is critical to discuss your decisions with your intended Guardian.

Again, this may seem obvious.  However, you may be astounded to find that some nominated Guardians have no idea that they had been chosen until the parents are deceased.

This is far too critical a decision to spring on someone at the last minute.

Keep in mind, no one can be forced to be a Guardian against their will.  Just because they are Nominated by you, doesn’t mean they have to accept their Nomination.

Open and honest communication with your intended Guardian will increase the likelihood that they will agree to serve; or it will allow you to choose the best alternate Guardian if they choose not to serve.

After you have decided on a candidate, discuss it with him or her as early as possible.  Explain to them that you have taken all the necessary steps to make sure your Estate Plan is in order, and that there will be adequate financial resources to take care of your children through the age of 18.

If you would like ideas on how to bring up this topic to your intended Guardian, we invite you to consult with a Guardianship Attorney at Ainer & Fraker.  We have helped hundreds of families choose the right Guardian for their children.

We know we can help your family as well.

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