Estate Planning

Family Harmony Estate Planning is about so much more than just documents, it’s about helping you leave a Legacy of Love to those you love the most. We work with you to carefully craft an Estate Plan that is as unique as you are, that will serve your family for generations to come.

Introduction to Estate Planning

Estate Planning can be considered the entire field of knowledge that pertains to building, preserving, and transferring one’s property to the next generation. We encourage you to become familiar with all of the information we have on our web site, as it pertains to estate planning. This is far too important a subject to leave until tomorrow – when it may be too late.

Don’t Know Much About Estate Planning?

Here’s the Place to Start.  From Wills to Trusts

to Powers of Attorney, We’ve got it covered!


Make sure that only your wishes, goals and values will govern your health care decisions now, and in the future.

Life Insurance is an excellent Estate Planning tool.

Learn how to make sure the death benefits are exempt from the Estate Tax.

The Foundation of all Estate Plans is the Living Trust.

Find out how to Avoid Probate, Minimize Taxes, Protect your Children and Maximize Family Harmony.

Already have a Living Trust?  Terrific!  But there’s so much more to Estate Planning.  Learn how to minimize taxes, maximize charitable giving, and properly structure your beneficiaries’ Inheritance.

Charitable Giving not only blesses it’s Recipients, but it is a powerful technique for promoting Family Harmony and sophisticated Tax Planning.

Opt out of California’s default Estate Plan with a Will.

Learn How to Nominate Guardians for your Minor Children and appoint Your own Personal Representative to handle your affairs.

The Family Limited Partnership is an excellent family business and legacy vehicle.

Learn how to Minimize Taxes, Protect Inheritances, and Promote Family Harmony with an FLP.

Confused by all the Estate Planning jargon?
Here’s a quick guide to the most common terms, translated into Plain English.


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