Let's examine the Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Probate in California.

In many states, avoiding probate may not be a compelling reason to have a living trust.  Many states use a simplified probate process, which allows a Probate to be opened and closed with a minimum of hassle and expense.

California is not such a State.

In California, the Probate system is such a complicated mess, it’s almost reason enough to have a Living Trust, just to help your family avoid it.

Let’s examine the Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Probate in California:

  1. The extremely High Cost of Probate
  2. The public nature of the proceedings
  3. The length of time involved in Probating an Estate
  4. The bureaucratic, Court-driven nature of the Probate process
  5. The requirement for Minor Children to be put on a Family Allowance

We will examine each of these reasons in a separate post, which you can access by clicking a link above.

John Erik Fraker, Esq.

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John Erik Fraker, Esq.

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