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Whenever a tax-filing season approaches, identity thieves are gearing up with tax scams to sucker you into providing them with your identity information, which they can then use to charge against your credit cards, tap your bank account, steal your tax refund, file a fraudulent tax return in your name . . . the list goes on and on.

These thieves are clever, and some even disguise e-mails to look as if they come from a government agency; the IRS banner has been used in many scams to steal taxpayer identities. For example, you may receive an e-mail with the IRS banner indicating you have a refund coming and directing you to a web site where you are duped into revealing your identity to obtain the refund.

Don’t be a victim! Always be suspicious of such e-mails and keep in mind the IRS never initiates contact via e-mail. Another tip is look at where the e-mail originated. If it is not from IRS.gov, then it is a trick.

If you suspect your identity has been compromised, please refer to the IRS website which provides guidance on these matters.

John Erik Fraker, Esq.

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John Erik Fraker, Esq.

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