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The attorneys at Ainer & Fraker, LLP bring a wide variety of multidisciplinary expertise to their practice of law.

This diversity of expertise allows us to bring an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and expertise to your individual legal needs.

To that end, every facet of our practice is structured to produce results for our clients.

Our goal at Ainer & Fraker, LLP is simple: 100% client satisfaction – every time.

Multi-Disciplinary Expertise

Through the years, our attorneys have become experts in diverse fields such as: Tax and Accountancy, Insurance, Financial Planning & Investments, Trust Administration and Probate, as well as the Practice of Law.


An Estate Plan as Unique as Your Family

Attention placed on the so-called softer issues, including: personal and family values and belief systems, establishing a legacy, and the more human aspects of estate planning

Plain English Spoken Here

Keeping jargon and legalese to an absolute minimum

Understand Your Estate Plan!

Strong emphasis placed on client education: if you don’t understand the legal services you have received, then we haven’t done our job.

Family Harmony Estate Planning

Estate plans that are designed first and foremost to promote family harmony and to be practical and efficient in execution

Competetive Hourly Rates

Hourly fees that are unburdened by huge overhead or large staffing requirements

Flat Fee Pricing

Competitively priced flat-rate service packages designed to provide maximum value for your dollars

Fast Turn-Around

Fast, efficient service; most estate plans completed within 7-10 business days